Currency Converter - Pop Up - Custom

Inserting code for the Currency Converter Pop Up standard version

Add the code from the text box below into the page that will launch your Currency Converter. Simply click the 'Highlight All' button and copy (Hold Ctrl + C) and paste into your page's code between the <body></body> tags.

Copy and paste the code below between the <body></body> tags of your webpage

Customising the Appearance

There are two customisations that you can make to incorporate your own branding into the currency converter. Variables are passed to the page when you call it which contain details of your logo and the background colour. The colour should be a six character hexidecimal colour code and the logo should have a height no taller than 42 pixels and no longer than 250 pixels.

To change the colour simply look for "1C8CB3" in the above code and subsitute for your colour. To change the logo, simply look for "" in the above code and substitute with the path to your logo, you do not need to include the "http://"

Customising the Currencies

This allows you to specify what currencies will be selected by default when a user initially loads the chart.
  1. Look for this line in the code - customConvert.asp?NC_ID1=AUD&NC_ID2=USD
  2. Replace the currency codes (AUD and USD) with the codes for the currencies you require.
  3. Replace the amount (1000) with the amount that you require.
  4. Replace PID with the partner id
For a list of supported currencies, along with each of their codes, click here.

Background Colour:
Default Currency 1:
Default Currency 2:
Default Amount:
Partner ID (PID):

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