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Once your rate is booked you simply need to transfer the currency you have sold to the OzForex account shown on your confirmation. Once your funds are in the OzForex account your telegraphic transfer will be sent according to the beneficiary details you provided.

Paying OzForex Cleared Funds

It is important that you ensure 'clear' funds reach OzForex. To ensure 'clear' funds reach OzForex quickly you can either:
  1. Visit your branch and transfer the money from your account into the OzForex account. Please specify to the bank staff you want to transfer clear funds, or,
  2. Pay using your bank's internet banking or,
  3. Use your bank's Commercial Payments software to remit funds to OzForex
Note: Cash, company cheques, bank cheques and personal cheques are not accepted due to problems with security and slow clearance times.

Beneficiary Details Required

Supply these details using the beneficiary library within the system.
  • Name of beneficiary
  • Beneficiary's bank name
  • Beneficiary's branch number and/or bank SWIFT code
  • Beneficiary's account number
  • Beneficiary's street address

Failure To Provide Cleared Funds

  • Unless prior arrangement is made you must initiate payment of the sold currency to OzForex on the day of the transaction. The funds may take a number of days to reach OzForex, but you need to initiate the payment on the day of the transaction.
  • If you don't initiate the payment to OzForex the transaction may be voided at OzForex's discretion and you will be required to pay to OzForex any loss incurred as a result of the cancellation.

Call 1300 300 424 (Aus. Local call) for more information

1800 680 0750 (Canada Free call)
0800 161 868 (NZ Free call)
0845 686 1950 (UK Local call)

International callers please call +61 2 8667 8090
This will be charged at the applicable international rate for
your location.

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